What exactly is Freshline? The short answer is that we are a club of modern-day motorbike explorers who take challenging journeys through lesser known parts of the world.

While there’s nothing incorrect about this description, it just doesn’t capture what makes Freshline special or why our members often consider the club, their fellow members, and our adventures to be the most interesting part of their lives. So, the longer answer is that Freshline is a club of adventurers who always choose the more interesting path, who push themselves to the limit, who thrive in the face of adversity, who let our hardships and challenges strengthen our bonds and our characters. Freshline is not for snowflakes because we don’t shy away from a challenge — we actively seek it out. We go on adventures in strange places with our band of brothers because adventure, true adventure, is sometimes hard to find in modern life. Adventure is what brings men to Freshline, but brotherhood is why they stay.

What to expect

What is Freshline

Freshline expeditions
  • We are a club of like-minded adventurers
  • Our destinations are chosen by our members
  • We only ride each destination once, allowing us to explore more of the world
  • We are experienced adventure riders
  • We push our bikes and our members to their limits
  • We judge men by their actions, not by their gear or by their bikes
  • We judge men by their actions, not their gear or their bikes
freshline motorbike adventures
  • A tour company
  • Fat old men on bikes with $ but no off-road experience
  • Clean bikes and the newest gear
  • Pampered trips with luxury accommodation
  • The BMW club (although keep in mind that we have nothing against beamers — we just have an issue with riders who think you can’t adventure without one)
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