At Freshline Moto Adventure Club, discover why adventure is greater than travel.

Freshline is difficult to define sometimes because we’ve haven’t met any other club or organization like us. Being unique is good, but it has been difficult for us to give a straight answer when people ask us what exactly Freshline is and why we do what we do.

There are lots of answers to both of these questions because Freshline is a club of men, each with something different to say and with different goals in their lives. But we are united by one simple aspect: the urge to embark on adventures that enrich our lives and challenge us in ways everyday life simply cannot. So, if you push us to define Freshline in a few words, we’ll say that we are modern-day adventurers, and we’d like to explain why adventure is greater than travel.

If anything we say here inspires you, head straight to our Freshline Bootcamp page to find out how you can become a Freshliner.

What to expect

What’s the Difference Between Traveling and Adventuring?

These standard definitions of travel and adventure don’t really do justice to traveling or adventuring as many people who love travel would say that they do it exactly because they are looking for ‘an unusual and exciting or daring experience’. Our preferred definition of adventure is as follows: An uncommon, risky undertaking.

With Freshline’s expeditions, we place a lot of emphasis on the ‘daring’ and ‘risky’ side of adventure, pushing ourselves towards extreme places, riding our bikes in extreme conditions. If there’s an easy and a difficult route to a destination, a true Freshliner will always choose the latter.

But we don’t choose difficulty for its own sake; we embrace moments that challenge us, forcing us to overcome obstacles through sheer force of will and by banding together as friends and brothers. If one Freshliner breaks down, we all break down. And we all cross the finish line together.

Being Better Men

Without dressing it up too much or pretending that we’re philosophers, there is something fundamentally transformative about a good adventure. If you overcome adversity, meeting a challenge head on without shying away or giving up, you discover the stronger, more capable man you always had the potential to be.

Why We Do It

Individual Freshliners may all adventure for many different reasons, but one thing that brings us all together is that going on epic expeditions is just about the most interesting thing we can imagine. Sure, we develop and grow as men, but we also just have a blast when we leave all the trappings and comfort of modern life behind in favour of adventure.

A Freshline Expedition is about creating stories you can tell for the rest of your life — and sometimes they’re about creating stories we only tell to the people close to us. However we try to define it, we go on adventures because we’re adventurers. The need to explore defines us and the challenges along the way refine who we are.

Freshline is NOT a Tour Company

Another good way to understand Freshline is to consider what we aren’t: Freshline is not a tour company. There are no guides telling you interesting factoids, and there are no Sherpas carrying your luggage ahead of you so that you don’t have to. We carry our own gear and we all learn about a place as we ride through it together. We choose destinations to explore that none of us have been and we always look for the road less travelled.

Join our brotherhood

The Freshline Bootcamp

We’ve gone to great lengths to emphasize how tough our expeditions can be. This is because we don’t want to encourage the wrong kinds of people to apply. This isn’t because we’re judgemental; it’s just not possible to get through one of our expeditions if the men we travel with don’t have the right mindset and a certain set of skills. This is where our Bootcamp comes in. We realized that we needed a way to put Freshline prospects through their paces, figuring out if they have the right stuff we’re looking for.

The Bootcamp is a 10-day experience in Namibia designed and run by a team of ex-military special forces. The Bootcamp has been created to push you beyond your limits, giving you the skills and challenges we need from our Freshline brothers. At the end, you will be evaluated by yourself, your peers, and your leaders; if you have what it takes, you will become a Freshliner and you are welcome to come on future expeditions. If you don’t, you will have the skills and memories of an epic 10-day adventure packed with…

  • Encounters with wild animals (lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos)
  • Bike maintenance training
  • Wildlife handling
  • Leadership training
  • Self defence training
  • And riding experience on a wide variety of terrains, including sand, rock, and gravel

The purpose of the Bootcamp is not to make Freshline an elitist organization, and we hope to stay in touch with guys even if they don’t make it through assessment. We want to offer men the opportunity to test themselves and find out what they’re made of — and our expeditions were getting so popular that we needed a way to ensure that only people with the right skills and attitude come with us. Just remember that it doesn’t matter how skilled you are on a bike or how good your gear is, a Freshliner is a team player with a wild, adventurous personality. We can teach you the skills in the Bootcamp, but only you can decide what kind of man you are — and what kind of man you want to be.

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